Day 10 - Tell All

Does this sound like you:

You don't think you're creative.

You love to create, but you don't think you are particularly talented.

You don't want the people in your life to judge your creative vulnerability, so you hide it.
If you were not concerned about these things and felt free to explore and express yourself freely, what would you do?   What would you create?  What story would you tell and how would you tell it?

I've never really given that any thought to be honest. I think it's because I'm so private in general that expressing any form of creativity is too much. I remember hitting the publish button for my first book, trembling and thinking that this was a big mistake. Despite the feelings listed above in the prompt, I also tend guard my creativity because it's something special to me. It's something sacred. It's what I turn to when I need an outlet.

But if I wasn't so private, if I wasn't so concerned with criticism, and fully believed in my creativity, I would write fiction novels. I love getting lost in a world that isn't my own. To be able to create that type of world, transferring my thoughts from my overactive imagination to words, would be bliss. Not many (if any) people know this but one of my dreams was/is to be a fiction novelist. But though I have a very creative imagination, I struggle to put it into words. I'm a natural writer for most things but when it comes to my creative thoughts, I hit a roadblock. However, if the roadblock didn't exist and didn't care what people thought, I would go full on fiction with my writing.

But I know my strengths, therefore my stories will forever remain in my imagination.

Peace & Light,


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