[Catch Up] Day 21 - Rewards

There are two ways that I wanted to approach this prompt and I couldn't decide, so I will leave it up to you to choose!

Option 1:
What motivates you to stick with something that is challenging?  What are your favorite ways to reward yourself and make yourself feel good along the way?

I wish I could say I love a challenge but I don't. If there's an easier way or route to do something, you can guarantee that I will find it & do it that way. But that doesn't happen and have no choice but to take the challenge. For the most part, I will procrastinate as long as possible. Then, I find a way to make the challenge more enjoyable. That's when rewards come in. I may wait until the end of the entire challenge to reward myself or sometimes, I'll reward each step. My reward depends the challenge. I treat myself with food, books, and/or expensive bags. Doing this makes the challenge worth while.

Peace & Light,


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