30 Layers, 30 Days

Back in September, GG Renee hosted a writing challenge equipped with the hash tag #30layers30days. For 30 days, my timeline was filled with stories, quotes, and inspiration from amazing women. I told myself that if she does another one, I'll try to participate in it. So that brings us here. Another month, another writing challenge. However, I'm a day late & dollar short. But better late than not at all right? I won't guarantee that I'll be consistent with every prompt but my goal is to tap into my hidden writing potential. And perhaps discover another side to myself. But without further adieu (I think I spelled that right), here's to Day 1: I Am.

I am moving away from:
Pain. A constant theme in my life. A theme that wasn't originally my choice but suddenly became the soundtrack of my life. But it doesn't have to be that way. I know now that I have a choice. I don't have to revel in the hurt that the world may cause me. I must learn to deal and move on. I can't constantly depend on a bandaid for it only cause temporarily relief. Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

I am moving against:
Fear. I once read that fear is nothing more than false evidence appearing real. Yet somehow, I find myself still trapped by it. If pain is a constant theme, fear would be the plot line of my life. Fear has held me back from just about everything. I wish I knew why. Maybe I'm scared of being judged. Scared of being vulnerable. Scared to just be me. Scared to step into my greatness. Maybe it's all of the above and then some. But I no longer wish for fear to be the running storyline. Time for a plot twist.

I am moving with:
Love, faith, and hope. And of course, God, Jesus, and Mother Mary. It is love that helps me realize that pain is only temporary if you allow it. Love is the highest power emitted in the Universe. When we live life in love, our world opens up. Our lens change. It is faith that helps me believe in that change. Believe that there is good in the world. Believe that God has something in store for me and is going to bless me until my cup runneth over. It is hope that simply reminds me that there is more to life than this. But it is through God, Jesus, & Mother Mary, I am able to live through principles.

I am moving toward:
Happiness. Something so simple yet so hard to achieve. But that will forever be the goal. No amount of money in the world can bring happiness. No person, place, or thing. Happiness starts and comes from within. We must seek happiness within ourselves and not outside entities. That's what I'm striving for. That's what I'm moving toward. I'm forever on the pursuit of happiness.

Peace & Light,


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