The Pursuit of Happiness

I don't know what's been going on with me for the past few weeks but recently, I haven't been feeling like myself. Yes, spread positivity on here and on Twitter. But although I do it for you all who need it, I've been doing it for myself because I need it too.

I've been so out of sync that I was hoping that my vacation from work would do me good. And though the relaxing all week did my body good, it only made my mind worse. I was so out of it that I contemplated giving up blogging because I felt like I had no direction.'

Then it hit me. I'm unhappy and that's why things are suddenly shifting.

My unhappiness stems from a lot of things: being lonely, not having any real friends in Charlotte that I can trust, and just wanting to relocate back to NYC because as much as I've grown to love Charlotte, I'm simply over it. But I think the main source of my unhappiness is my current place of employment. There was a time I would give my job 8/10 but in recent times, I don't have a rating because I am anxious to leave. I'm anxious to find a place where I'm happy.

If it wasn't for my mother pointing out that my "happiness" with my job is simply me being complacent because I'm scared to leave, I wouldn't be writing this post. But yesterday and last night, everything came to a head. After working there for 2+ years, I've reached my boiling point. And if I don't leave soon, my cup will runneth over.

At this point of my life, it should be about the money but it's not. It's about my peace and happiness. I don't and probably never will understand those who choose money over happiness. Funny enough, I was one of those people though. But I can't live that life anymore. Money doesn't bring happiness but happiness brings money and then some. I have to choose peace. I have to be on the pursuit of happiness.

We should all be working towards happiness. For me, I need happiness in my work which once that happens, I know other areas of my life will start to lighten up. But for you, it may not be work that's making you unhappy. Maybe it's a relationship, a friendship, or another area of your life that's making you miserable. Whatever it is, don't dwell in it. Change your situation fast for dwelling in your unhappiness only brings more unhappiness.

Happiness and peace bring abundance in many ways. Find yours and hold on to it.

Peace & Light,


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