The Art of Forgiveness

So last month I wrote a post about forgiveness and mentioned that I was on a forgiveness cleanse. As promised, here's what I did as well as the results of this said cleanse.

First off, you're probably wondering what is a forgiveness cleanse and is it a real cleanse. The answer: yes, because I created it. So there's that :) A forgiveness cleanse is basically forgiving everything and everyone including yourself that has done you wrong in your life. Pretty simple, right? Probably not because forgiveness can be a difficult task, especially when someone has royally fucked you over. But remember, forgiveness is for YOU.

So onto the cleanse. You're probably wondering where did this come from and what exactly is this cleanse. Well, it started from a book called "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. In the beginning of the book, she talks about forgiveness and forgiving those who have wronged you by saying: "I forgive you for not being who I wanted you to be. I forgive you and set you free." So simple yet powerful.

As I said my prayers and started to fall asleep, I said the forgiveness affirmation that Hay mentioned in her book. And when I tell you I felt the healing process as I slept, I am not kidding. I literally felt like my soul was being healed as I slept and woke up feeling better than I've ever felt. So from there, I went on a four week cleanse that included:

-Forgiving others
-Forgiving myself
-Self love

Week one, I continued stating the above affirmation every night before I went to sleep. I meditated while doing this (and for the rest of them) so I can have a clear mind and spirit. Week two, I used the same affirmation along with meditation but changed 'you' to me/myself, allowing myself to forgive Soleil (aka me). Week 3, I created and stated a self love affirmation ["I love and accept myself for all that I am and becoming"]. This one was a tough one because I struggle with loving myself unconditionally. For the final week, I created and stated what I call a release and heal affirmation ["I let go of all my pain and let God heal. Through his healing, miracles shall happen."].

And that's it! As a result I feel lighter. I still have work to do but I no longer have ill feelings towards those who hurt me. I've let them go and no longer allow them or other past dealings affect my current life. I am on the pursuit to fulfillment and happiness.

Because that's what forgiveness is; letting go of hurtful people and situations and moving forward with your own happiness.

Peace & Light,


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