Sometimes It's Best To Walk Away

For those of you who don't know, I used to watch the Braxtons religiously. But after season 3, I just stopped. I grew tired of the sisters ALWAYS fighting. Better yet, I grew tired of everyone fighting with Tamar. It quickly went from Braxton Family Values to Everybody Hates Tamar and that ain't hot.

So of course, I had no intention of watching season 4. All that negativity becomes entirely too draining (hence why I've cut back on reality TV). But for some reason, I ended up watching at least 3 episodes and they were fighting, per usual. However, anytime arguments ensued, Tamar made it her mission to get up and walk away; something all of her sisters take issues with (despite Toni walking away when she wants but I digress).

I can see why it's frustrating when Tamar walks away. How are you going to solve the issue if you keep walking away and not addressing it? But I can also see why Tamar DOES walk away. Sometimes, it's really just better to walk away when you know the issue will not be resolved, especially if it's a repetitive issue.

I learned that I have a habit of walking away myself, something my ex pointed out to me during an argument. I didn't find it a big a deal and I still don't. But I can see why it's frustrating for others. They want you to stay and try to work things out. However, if it's constant back and forth and no listening, it might be better to just walk away, cool down, and try again later.

Yes, it is important to talk and work out your issues. But there must be some middle ground. Arguments should never escalate to the point that both parties are yelling. It should also not be so negative. I hate negativity and yelling so it's easy to hop up and walk away. However, it doesn't have to be that way. Perhaps it's better for you and the other person to just cool down before even discussing the matter at hand. Put yourself in a better head space. Use your inside voice and have a good choice of words. I've been known to hit below the belt in an argument and I'm learning that's definitely not the way to deal with an argument.

If none of the above can happen, then it's just best to chuck the deuces and be on your way. Some things are just not worth the negative energy.

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  1. I needed this post. I have such a bad habit of going blow for blow until someone gives up and it usually isn't me. Walking away is definitely something I need to work on doing, especially when a bridge is close to being burnt.

    Dezzie |


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