Relationships That Fuel You

So last week, I wrote a post about the kinds of relationships that would drain you. To follow up on Richardson's theory, I'm discussing the relationships that fuel us. We usually have happier relationships with people when we have these types.

Relationships That Fuel You:

Proactive: this person is about their business. They have dreams, goals, and are on a path of personal development. They are changing their lives for the better.

Appreciative: self explanatory; this is the person that appreciates and values your relationship with pure reasons and intentions. They also appreciate you as a person.

Communicative: per Richardson, this person is committed to being respectful and having non-defensive communication. The kind that brings you closer together over the years, not apart.

Attentive: another self explanatory one. This is the person that pays attention to you. They care about what you say and your needs. They don't judge and naturally concerned with your well being.

Honest: This is the person who loves you enough to keep it real with you and tell you the truth. Now how they choose to tell it is a different story.

Accountable: This is the person that takes full responsibility for their actions. They are willing to deal with the situation and figure out how to grow and learn from it.

How many of you have these type of people in your life? Are you any of these types? I think I'm a bit of every kind. Still working on my communication and my honest delivery.

Peace & Light,


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