On Protecting Your Space & Energy

It's no secret that I'm an emotional person. Despite the positivity I attempt to spread, every now and again you'll catch me on Twitter going off about one of life's struggles. But more times than not, especially in more recent times, I'm mindful about negative energy.

Negative energy is contagious. Just take a look at the news and you tell me what you see. Bad news sells. Drama makes headlines. Then there's our everyday lives. Things aren't going right. Stress keeps building up. People are doing more harm than good (in your life). And I get it but all this negative energy isn't healthy.
I'm an emotional sponge so it takes no time for me to feel the negativity of a person whether they are hurt, upset, in pain, etc. Whatever they feel and happen to bring to me, I catch it like a bad cold. Next thing you know, I'm suddenly in a bad mood and hate everything and everyone. But I realized that part of that is my fault.

We have lots of choices in life and engaging in negativity is one of them. I don't have to invite negative energy into my space and mess up my groove. And neither do you.

Positive energy can trump negative energy with no problem however, we must allow positivity to enter. We are in charge of what we allow into our space. We are in control of the energy we decide to bring in. You don't have to entertain negative if you don't want. Protect your space and just say no.

There was a time I felt like I couldn't control what people brought to me. But now I know that I can. It's MY space and if I don't want to be surrounded by such draining energy, that is my right as it is yours. I'm already a sponge as it is. I rather soak up positive happy energy then bad because well, who wants that?
Protect your space. Perserve your energy. Only allow good vibes and trust that's what you will receive.

Peace & Light,


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