You'll Get There When You Get There

There have been many times, including recently where I have not been happy where I am. I have such a desire to do more; to be more; to accomplish more. But yet I find myself in a stalemate between where I am now and where I want to be.

At the young age of 24, I know that I can't have everything I want right now, especially since I'm still in the process of working for it. And to be honest, I don't think I can manage if all my dreams came true overnight. You know why? Because I'm simply not ready.
We live in an age where us millinium folks want everything now. We want that new job NOW. We want to have lots of money in the bank NOW. We want that new car, apartment, dream or whatever it is NOW. Instant gratification is what we're seeking or at the very least seems like it. We don't want to wait. We want our hard work to pay off immediately. We want our lives together now. And to be fair, I don't see anything wrong with that.
But here's the thing. I'm a believer in timing. I believe that everything happens when and the way it's supposed to. There's our time and then there's God's time.
If we wait on it and pray on it, we'll see magic happens in our lives. Perhaps the reason we don't have what we want right now is because the Universe or God rather knows that we're not ready. We may have plans but so does He and the Universe. And chances are His plans are far better than what we could ever imagined.
This is not to say we're not in charge or control of our lives. We do have the power to change, make better, work for whatever it is that we desire. But we must practice the art of patience (and this is coming from the most impatient person in the world). Timing is everything.
When you feel like your hard work isn't paying off fast enough, just remember this: Oprah was not built in a day.
Have some faith. God knows what he is doing.
Peace & Light,


  1. Absolutely! Funny thing is, I have a post scheduled dealing with the timing of things and trusting the process. You're right, a lot of us are in such a hurry to get to an end result that we forget to be here, right now. Very well said. ♥


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