Relationships That Drain You

Today, I decided that I wanted to post something out of the ordinary for me: relationships. I try to shy away from the topic of love, dating, and relationships because I'm not an expert and I believe in  different strokes for different folks. But while I was reading one of my many self help books, Take Time For Your Life by Cheryl Richardson, she touched on relationships as a part of self care. I wanted to share the kinds of relationships that drain and fuel based on Richardson's philosophy.

Relationships that Drain You:

The Blamer: this is the person that pretty much blames you and everything in its path for all of their problems. They don't take any responsibility for their role in their issues. They put blame on everyone else because their problems just cannot be their fault.

The Complainer: this is the person that just won't shut up about everything that is happening in their lives. As Richardson puts it, they like to hear their own voice. This is the person that constantly complains about their problems but don't do anything about it.

The Drainer: this is the person that is just all around needy. They always need support, guidance, information, or whatever. The conversation tends to always revolve around them to some capacity because well, they need you. I like to refer to these kinds of people as emotional vampires (a blog on that later.)

The Shamer: this is the person that shuts you down in every way possible. They make you feel bad about yourself, your ideas, and/or your life in general. Per Richardson, this person often ignores boundaries and try to convince you that their way is the better way and is for your own good. They make you question your own sanity.

The Gossip: well I think we all know who this person is. It's the person that talks about everyone behind their backs. They get their energy from feeding off other people's business. But as the saying goes, he who talks to you, talks about you too.

Have any of you ever experience a person like this in your life? Have you ever been one of those people? I know I have had many drainers, shamers, and gossipers in my life. But I've also been the complainer as well as the gossiper which I'm always trying to work on.

Part 2 coming soon!

Peace & Light,


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