Law Of Attraction

I'm pretty positive just about everyone knows of or has heard about "The Secret" and the whole law of attraction bit. But when it first came out (on a mass media scale), how of many of you understood what the creator of "The Secret" franchise was talking about? I admit, I sure as hell didn't and it took me years to understand what it is now referred to as the Law of Attraction. 

I was sixteen years old when I first watched "The Secret." Every Thanksgiving, my family and I would either watch a movie or play a game or two. That year happened to be movie year and one of my relatives just happened to have "The Secret" movie with them. I was lost but some other relatives had heard about it and wanted to see it so we did. And I was still lost. 

After the movie was over, my sixteen year old brain didn't get the concept. So I just grabbed another plate of food and went back to what I was doing before the movie aired. In later days, I asked my aunt to explain the movie to me because I was very confused about how this whole law of attraction works. And the Universe? You mean where the stars and planets reside? What did that have to do with anything?

From what I remember, she told me that (and I'm paraphrasing here) I could have whatever my heart desires if I just ask, believe, and allow myself to receive. That's it? Sounded simple enough yet too good to be true. 

And at the time, it was. 

I asked for a lot of things and didn't receive any of those. I wanted to work at the mall at Forever 21 so I can get discounts. Never got it. I wanted to go to Baruch College in the city. Didn't get accepted. I also had a strong desire to go to USF that also resulted to another rejection letter. What the hell? I thought I could have whatever I desired? 

[Sidebar: from all the things I didn't receive, I also realized that it probably wasn't meant for me to have those. But I didn't see it at the time. Regardless of the law of attraction, there's always something bigger working with us. Hi God.]

After expressing my frustrations to my aunt about her false theories on this alleged secret, she told me to read the book version. Fine. I like reading anyway.
I started reading it and started to make some sense.* I took whatever I could from the book and manifested a new job at my public library and a last minute acceptance to UNC Charlotte. Perhaps there was some truth to this logic.  

After years of studying it (hey, I have dreams that extend beyond working retail) and spending years of trial and error, I finally understand the law of attraction. I like to think of it as of the law of Karma: what you put out is what you will get back. Simple, right? 

I'm a firm believer that karma doesn't discriminate. If you put out good to the world with good thoughts, energies and intentions, you will get that back tenfold. If you put bad out into the world, well you know the rest. 

Based on the science classes that I took and barely passed, everything in life is made up of energy. Everything including our thoughts. Energy is neutral. Whether we put out good energy or bad energy, that's on us. Energy carries how WE feel, our thoughts, and more. And by law, whatever energy we're putting out, we will get back. Knowing this, we have more control over our lives and dreams more than you think. 

With that being said, what are you attracting? 

*The Secret is a good starter book regarding the law of attraction but I wouldn't recommend it for solo use. There is so much more about the law attraction that the author didn't put in this book.

Peace & Light,


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