Happy September: Why I Love Fall

Happy September and happy Labor Day everyone! I can't remember the last time Labor Day fell on the first day of September. It totally threw me off when I realized it was the first and Labor Day at the same time. Doesn't matter though. I'm just happy it's September because that means the official start date of Fall is just 20 days away. I think...

Fall and September are my favorite season & month of the year. Most people would think that my favorite month would be April and season would be Spring because of my birthday. Well, I'm not that self centered. :)

I think my love for Fall comes from the fact that every year, school starts during that time. As much as I disliked school growing up, I would always be happy when it start so I can see the friends I didn't get to see during the summer. Fall to me represents new beginnings. Probably because I started a new year at school and a new school year meant new chapters. 

Fall also reminds me of home. Something about the Fall in New York just makes me feel indescribable. Leaves changing colors, starting school, and of course all the holidays coming up. It's probably the only time of year when I actually miss living in NY. 

Autumn in the south isn't too bad either. Just a bit warmer than what I'm used too. I still get the same feelings of nostalgia and growing up on Long Island.
Since I've declared Autumn as the season of all things new, I look forward to what this season and year brings. I'm actively making goals, preparing for the holidays, and just about ready to bring in 2015. 

Peace & Light,


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