Age of Shade

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Sometimes, I hate my generation. Maybe hate is a strong word. Let's go with dislike. A strong dislike. In this day in age, everything is shade this, shade that. What happened to just not liking someone and leaving it at that?

Everywhere I turn, someone is somewhere throwing shade or on the receiving end of it. Especially on social media--the breeding ground for shades and reads.
Not going to lie, I've done my share of shade throwing both in a real life and on social media. But in more recent times, I've cut back. Any shade I throw now is in jest and it's usually towards people I know or reality stars when the show is airing.
But what I don't understand is the purpose of shade sometimes. Is it really necessary to call someone out subliminally? Or for those who prefer the reading method, is it really needed to allegedly tell the truth about someone? Probably not.
The main reason I've cut back on "throwing shade" is because by me being shady says more about me than the actual person its directed at. Being shady makes it seem as you're above certain aspects or perhaps, better than which I'm not and you aren't either.
When I see shade thrown, I now think to myself: what makes you better than the person you're talking about? Doing so only brings you down to their level, putting you in the same boat as them. This is not to say that I'm against all shades and reads. I'm just saying it's not always necessary, especially for petty shit.
You can dislike someone or what they do, stand for, etc without having to be shady. Sometimes, it's never that deep.
Peace & Light,


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