Were You Ever Pushed?

Not the episode I was watching but close enough

So I was up late one night knowing good and well I should be sleep. But I'm a night owl so me falling asleep wasn't happening despite the fact that I had work the following day. In attempts to tire myself out, I turned to a rerun of the George Lopez show. Instead of dozing off like intended, this episode in particular had me thinking which was the last thing I should be doing at 3am.

To sum up the episode, George didn't expect Carmen (his daughter) to go to college because she's never shown any particular interest in it. Her questionable grades and her obsession with her boyfriend led George to believe that Carmen didn't have any potential or even cared for that matter. Therefore, he never pushed the issue. Of course, Carmen was furious because she saw her potential and knew what was in her heart. 

(Note: there's another hidden gem in this episode that I'll try to touch on in a later post.)

Though I've seen this episode numerous times, this night made me wonder if I've ever been "pushed" into college or anything that coincided with my dreams. I was "pushed" into college, but my dreams? Yeah, not so much.

My family and friends saw enough potential in me to persuade me to go to college and actually complete it. I guess I saw some potential in myself too because after dropping out temporarily,  I picked up the pieces and re-enrolled a year later. But then I spent the next three years trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and that's where the "pushing" stop.

Many didn't believe in my dreams and felt that they were unrealistic. The economy still sucks. Get something practical. Find something, anything, that has benefits.

Yeah, I get what you're saying but that's not what I want to do.

But my true desires were ignored and I was "pushed" into other directions. Completely opposite of where I was trying to go. Why didn't they see what they saw when they were pushing me to go to college? Did I not have enough potential to pursue my happiness?

It's important to have friends, family, and just people in general to support you, believe in you, and even push you. But it's more important that you do all that for yourself when support comes up short.

Do YOU believe in yourself and your dreams? Do YOU see your potential? Do YOU know the greatness that lies inside of you?

Not everyone's going to be on your team. Some are just sitting in the sidelines waiting for you to fuck up just so they can say I told you so. Others may not even show up to the game. But if YOU believe that you CAN win, that's all that matters. 

Be your OWN pusher.Everyone else will come around eventually.

Or not. Even then, still be your own cheerleader.

Peace & Light,


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