We All Have The Same 24 Hours

Have you ever had one of those days where there seems as if there's not enough time in the day? Days when you have so much shit to do that you hope you have time to eat and sleep? Have you ever wished there were just a few more hours in the day? Well, you're not alone.

I've had plenty of days where I just wanted a few more hours. A few more hours so I can get this paper finished. A few more hours so I can study up on a project. A few more hours to just fucking sleep. Before I know, the alarm goes off and the day starts again. 

Every time I complain, I start thinking about other people who have way more going on than me. Some have two jobs and a hectic schedule outside of work. Others go to school full time and work full time. Some have a million and one things going on, sometimes at once,  and yet somehow, they manage. 

That's when it hit me. They manage because they make the choice to manage. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. What sets us apart from someone who manages a million things in a day compared to someone who needs those extra hours is using our time wisely. 

Are you wasting time? Procrastinating? Doing the less important stuff first? Constantly distracted? 

Time management is key to anything. If there is something you want to accomplish that day or in life in general, you have to make the time. Instead of asking/wanting for extra hours,  figure out how you can do ABC within the 24 hours that you have. Make a list. What's most important to accomplish today? Then continue to add to the list writing the next most important thing and so forth. See how much you get done. 

But if you can't finish everything, that's okay. There's always tomorrow which gives you another 24 hours to accomplish whatever it is that you want. Just use your time wisely.  

As the saying goes, time waits for no one. 

Peace & Light,


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