Use Your Platform Wisely

Often times when I'm on Twitter, watching folks tweet away, there's always a few tweets that catch my attention. Sometimes they are hilarious and I instantly retweet them. Other times, I'm giving a side eye.

Social media is such a powerful tool. With just a few words, you can generate a following, get a 1000 likes and retweets, and be the next big thing. The beauty of social media is that it can be used for just about everything. From pure entertainment to building a brand, social media has got you covered.

But then there's the ugly side of it. Social media is not limited to common folks such as myself. Celebrities, politicians, you name it. They more than likely have some sort of social media account. With one click, your once private thoughts go public and without even realizing it, reach millions.

But that's the problem. People who use social media and have a huge platform/following don't even realize that they are now influencers. This is not to say everyone with a mass following needs to tweet or post Namaste type stuff 24/7. That's not real life. But they should be aware of how they're using their platforms and so should you.

I follow a good amount of people who have a large following and just watch what they tweet. 95% of the time, their tweets don't affect me since they're usually lighthearted and not that serious. But it's that 5% that gets me at the most random times. I can't count the amount of times I've seen someone with a huge platform tweet the most controversial, rude, or ignorant mess. I usually just stare at the tweet, just shake my head, and keep scrolling. "If they only knew," I think to myself.

This is why it is important for me and YOU to use our platforms wisely. You don't know who you're influencing. You don't know who your inspiring. You tweet or post something just because and the next thing you know, you have a million RTs over just a thought that was in your head.

We can't control what people do nor can we be responsible for their actions based on something we said on social media. However, we must be aware of the impact we have on social media. Too many people are posting things that are going viral and aren't aware of the influence it's having (ex: the Jada incident). I would much rather receive a happy DM, tweet, or email over something positive that I said compared to something controversial. 

Wouldn't you?

Peace & Light,


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