Sometimes, It's Just Easier to Feel Awesome

Have you ever heard the phrase "it takes more muscles to frown than smile"? If you have, great. If you haven't, don't worry. I was part of that same club. I heard it for the first time via my boss a few weeks ago. I shrugged off and jokingly said that it takes more muscles for me to even crack a smile than not to. We all laughed but that statement got me thinking.

It's easier and better to feel awesome (or any other positive adjective) than to feel horrible (or any other negative adjective). Hence the title of this post.

So where am I going with this? Well I'll tell you.

There are days when I usually dread going to work, especially when I don't get a good night's sleep. This particular day just happened to be the day I did not get enough sleep. Between back pains and random bursts of energy, sleep was not in my future (& it isn't now as I write this). When I finally fell asleep, my alarm goes off way too soon. Don't you HATE when that happens? I had gotten just enough rest to function my shift but I couldn't even guarantee that.

As I'm driving to work, I suddenly take notice in my mood as well as thoughts and energy. I mentally stopped and questioned my mood because honestly, I wasn't really sure. This was important because my mood, thoughts, energy usually determine how my day will flow (a post on this later). By catching myself early, I can easily start shifting my energy and focus on having a good day.

"Am I in a good mood?" I asked myself aloud and since no one else was in the car, I had no choice but to answer. "I actually am feeling okay. A little tired but for the most part, I'm in a good mood."

And just like that, my whole entire day shifted. I got to work actually feeling awesome which is rare. Everything went smoothly. Customers weren't a pain (except for one towards closing time but I noticed my mood started shifting and quickly made an adjustment) and actually conversed with them more than usual. My favorite coworker was working and my boss bought me a diet coke. On top off that, I got free food (well samples anyway) from new place that just opened next door to my job. And can't forget the great time I was having with my boss and my coworker.

I ended up leaving later than normal (the latest I've left in a while) but because I was having such a great time pretty much bullshitting with my coworker(s), I didn't even care. All because I made it my mission to feel awesome and you can too.

Believe it or not, you ARE in control more than you think. You don't have let life just happen to you. When you feel good, more good things happen. When you feel bad, prepare yourself for Murphy's Law because it will happen. This is not to say that you can't or won't have bad days. Let's be real: shit happens. Sometimes we need those "bad" days to remind us that it's much easier to be happy.

So whenever you are unsure of your mood, stop and ask yourself (in your head or aloud. But if you ask aloud, try to ask in a car or something by yourself so you don't seem crazy): how am I feeling today? And see what comes out. From there you can determine if you're on the right track or if you need to make an energy shift.

You are in control. As they say, life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. Or at least something like that.

Peace & Light,


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