Putting Things into Perspective

So yesterday was a day of speaking truths. After the tragic passing of the legendary Robin Williams, many bloggers such as myself spoke our truths regarding depression and suicide. On the same day, I happened to receive a newsletter from a spiritual group I signed up for that spoke on the same topic. After reading it, I found myself moved and instantly wanted to share it with you all:

"There's a silver lining in every dark cloud.
The news of Robin Williams' passing by the act of his own hands not only shocked many of us, but the heart breaking news caused us to pause and reevaluate our own lives. He portrayed such an over-the-top figure for many of us, yet he provided a glimpse into his somber side by the variety of roles he played.

We play a variety of emotional roles in our lives. We have our up days and down days. Sometimes we experience these wide varieties of emotions in one day.   Whatever the case maybe, it's vital to seek balance in our lives.

Regardless how tragic the loss of Robin Williams may be, the gleaming of shiny light behind the dark clouds is that his death has put life back into the conversation about mental health.

It's Ok to not be ok. This too shall pass.  Our world would be a better place if we truly took time for ourselves.  Not only must we focus on physical health, but or mental and spiritual health as well.

Mr. Williams' death teaches us a very important lesson, and that is you are not alone in love. Too often it is easy to isolate and convince ourselves that we are all alone when in fact we are completely surrounded with love.
The next time you feel that down, reach out, ask for help. You truly are loved."

Peace & Light,


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